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Edad: 25 Altura: 160 Peso: 45
Senos: 2 Asiático Morenas
Top escort Jenny Hello Gentleman. My name is Jenny. I am a girl born with sensibility and acquired rationality. On growing up, it should combine the two organically, not only fully enjoy the happiness in the process of doing things, but also never despise everything of harvest. I am willing to devote the greatest courage, confidence and enthusiasm to the work I like, and pay the sweat of youth, diligence and hard work. I will serve you with a deep sense of responsibility and unlimited enthusiasm. I believe in God's reward for diligence. Although I have just come into contact with this job, I will try my best to lower my position, respect the people around me, fully anticipate the difficulties I will encounter, and treat people and things with awe and caution. Only by correctly looking at oneself, weakening one's energy, looking at others with respect, and dealing with the things to be done with a peaceful mind, we can finally find good results. I believe that the opportunity you have given me will be a new starting point in my life. Mount Tai chooses fine soil, so it can become high; the sea chooses small currents, so it can become deep;you choose me,so you can become a Successful Man. With the most sincere desire of the young people, I present my written self-introduction with the most sincere heart, looking forward to your date with me. When you are unhappy, I am with you silently, when you are lonely, I am with you attentively, when you are sad, I will be as melancholy as you. When you want to find someone to travel with for a holiday, I will be your good companion. When you... No matter in the windy or rain day, I am waiting for you here. Gentleman, wait for your information. Let's start with a simple date. If we have a chemical reaction. We can have GFE experience. Ps: Please contact me one day in advance at the latest. Taxi fee It's extra. Thank you! Price: 1000 yuan per hour (regular appointment) 2000 yuan per hour (GFE service)

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